Horizon Hobby Airmeet 2015
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Horizon Hobby Air Meet UK 2015

Horizon Hobby’s inaugural “Air Meet” was the first of what is hoped to be an annual event.

Aimed primarily at people that have never modelled or been to a model show before this exciting new modelling extravaganza featured the very best in radio controlled modelling and a whole lot more to keep spectators entertained and informed.

As with most outdoor events in the UK the weather plays an important role and despite the drizzle and overcast skies on Saturday Horizon Hobby team pilots headed up the flight line demonstrations displaying their T28 Trojans, Ultimate2 bi-planes and classics like the Piper Pawnee and Super Decathlons. Aerobatics, formation fighter displays, pylon racing were just a few of the flying attractions that had the spectators enthralled. The Bishop’s with their smoke and thrust vectoring turbine jets were a spectacle to behold and their aerial displays are second to none.

In addition to the spectacular model aircraft and helicopter displays other fantastic flying attractions included FPV racing which was a huge hit with the crowds. What made it special was a headset with a separate monitor which allowed members of the public to see the same view as one of the quad pilots. Special thanks to the British FPV racing group for putting on such a great demonstrations.
Come Saturday evening the opportunity arose for some night flying it was here that the semi translucent Night VisionAire came into its own and it was about this time when several FPV pilots thought it a good idea to film a model plane with one of their Quads, so come Sunday that was the plan.

Sunday dawned bright and sunny, great weather for flying, boating and car racing and of course a little FPV action and it was Luke Bannister one of the youngest FPV pilots that was going to fly and film Azza Stephens Extra at the same time. A novel approach to aerial photography and with Luke quite literally flying circles around Azza the resulting footage provides a real ‘’ birds eye’’ view. To pay back Luke’s visit to the flight line it was appropriate that Azza and Sonny took some micro UMX F-16’s down to the FPV circuit. It took a little bit of practice and they eventually did it however they had to hand it to Luke, he was very good!

Back to the main flight line and there were some truly mind blowing demonstrations from the I.M.A.C pilots with their highly disciplined and precise aerobatic routines along with their freestyle displays.

Some terrific scale helicopters flew too and much like the scale planes in competition the helicopter pilots have to fly them in a scale like manner except when it came to 3D displays, if you haven’t see these before, prepare to be amazed when you do, the spectators that witnessed them were!

On the ground the BMFA were on hand with their stand/simulator allowing people to try their hand at flying and provide advice as to how to get started in model flying. Other ground based activities included model boats on the giant boating lake along with graceful yacht displays and power boats thundering past literally shooting under spectators feet thanks to the newly installed bridge, other scale boats offered a more relaxing break from the frantic action in the air.
On the Auto side Horizon car team members heading up the car racing activities and demonstrated the latest radio controlled cars along with 1/8th 1/10th scale car racing on the grass racing circuit.

Multiple races were happening ranging from 8th Nitro, Electric SCT and 10th Buggy racing, they had two finals per class and they combined these times and crowned first, second and third places. Watched by a good crowed on Sunday the spectators were encouraged to get right into it by TV personality Mike Brewer of “Wheeler Dealers” fame. Known to enjoy a bit of radio control flying Mike was on hand commentating and acting as master of ceremonies in his own inimitable style throughout the weekend and he did some great commentary but he really got the crowd going when he came to the race track!

When not watching any of the activities the ample grounds provided room for a picnic and there were refreshments on site for others wanting a quick bite!
The Horizon Hobby Air Meet was the not to be missed event of 2015 so a big thank you to everyone, pilots, drivers and spectators that attended and helped to make this event so successful.

Also a ver special thanks to Paul Hazelwood FlightLine photography and Marcus Faulkner for you use of their stunning pictures. Along Luke Bannister who was the pilot of the FPV quadcopter, and last but by no means least thanks must be given to the people of Leamington Hobby Centre for helping with the organising of the whole event.

See you next year!

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