Blade mCP X heads

If you fly a Blade mCP X please read this........

Horizon Hobby is recalling the Main Rotor Head of the Blade mCP X ultra micro collective pitch helicopter.

Horizon Product Support has received some reports from customers of Main Blade Grips and Main Rotor Blades releasing from the Main Rotor Head. The released Main Rotor Blades have the potential to strike and injure nearby persons.

Horizon Product Development has updated the Main Rotor Head assembly and is offering the updated assembly free of charge to consumers. Please inspect your Main Blade Grips. If your helicopter does not have a “B” molded into the Main Blade Grips, cease use of your current Main Rotor Head immediately and arrange to get a replacement.

Blade Grip

You can obtain it by either contacting the modelshop where you purchased your mCP X  who will arrange a replacement, or by filling in the form HERE and submitting it. Upon receiving your request, an updated head assembly will be sent to you free of charge (as supplies become available) along with prepaid packaging to send your original Main Rotor Head to Horizon at no cost.

We apologise for this inconvenience. Horizon disclaims all liability and warranties for any consumer failing to act upon this product bulletin.

Click HERE to see instructions on how to install your blade grips


Pre-Flight Check

Your Blade mCP X is a high-performance collective pitch helicopter with a rotorhead that is much more complex than that of most of the ultra-micro helicopters you may have flown before. Unlike the rotorheads of most fixed pitch ultra-micro helis, the mCP X rotorhead has many more moving parts that require thorough inspection before every flight. Following the steps in this supplemental checklist will help you avoid unsafe flying conditions and keep your mCP X performing at its best.


Click HERE to download the Blade mCP X Supplemental Pre-Flight Checklist