P47-D Bubbletop 30cc ARF

P-47D Bubbletop 30cc ARF


This great model features a traditionally built up airframe using balsa and plywood and comes ready covered in an authentic World War Two colour scheme based on “Hun Hunter XVI”, a P47 Thunderbolt flown by Lt. Col. Gilbert O. Wymon, the squadron commander of the 65th Fighter Squadron “Fighting Cocks” of the 57th Fighter Group based in the Middle East during 1942.

The model features a huge pre painted fibreglass cowling (with hidden mounting screws) that can accommodate a wide range of engines; either petrol, two or four stroke glow or if preferred, electric power. Utilising the later requires no additional modifications. Working flaps allow for more realistic landings and take offs whilst the wing has been designed to accept Robart retracting landing gear.

For ease of access to the radio equipment, hidden switches, fuel tank or flight batteries the top forward section of fuselage is removable for maintenance etc, all the servos are mounted close to the control surfaces to minimise slop for more precise control.

This 81” semi elliptical two-piece wing model with its wide-track landing gear and steer-able tail wheel make the P47 a great choice for pilots looking for a relatively easy to fly warbird. It looks fantastic in the air and has superb flight characteristics, on the ground its wide track landing gear gives the model excellent ground handling and it can cope with all but the roughest of runways.

A complete hardware pack and illustrated assembly guide is accompanied by some excellent scale accessories such as, three different decals sets, dummy engine, machine guns and inner landing gear doors. An optional full depth cockpit “tub” is available, allowing a full body pilot figure to be used and the optional retracting tail wheel adds a touch more “realism” to this outstanding giant scale “Jug”

Wingspan: 206.4cm (81.25inch)
Length 180.3cm (71inch)
Wing Area: 75.1 sq dm (1165 sq in)
Weight: 7.30 - 8.6kg (16-19 pounds)
Radio 6 channel with 9 servos required
Engine 1.60-2.10 2-stroke; 1.80-2.20 4-stroke; or
Evolution 26GX — 40GX petrol
Electric: E-flite Power 160 brushless outrunner
Spinner 1-1/2 inch P-47 style
Transmitter: 5 or more channels
  • Authentic Ultracote Silver WW2 colour scheme
  • 3 sets of decals available Hun Hunter, Wicked Wabbit and Lil Abner
  • Pre painted fibreglass cowl with hidden mounting screws
  • Two-piece plug-in wing for convenience
  • Working flaps for scale landings
  • Dummy radial engine
  • Wing designed for Robart retracts
  • Inner gear doors are included
  • Top access hatch with hidden latch actuation
  • Optional retracting tail wheel
  • Optional full depth cockpit “tub”
  • Comprehensive hardware pack
Recommended Glow Additional for either setup
HFL7898 APC 17x10 prop SPMB2700NM Spektrum 2700Mah 6volt Ni-Mh Receiver Pack
SPMB2000LP Ignition battery SPMSA6010 Spektrum digital servo
SPMSA6060 Spektrum digital servos   (flaps)
  (aileron, elevator, rudder)    
EVOE40GX Evolution 40GX    
Recommended Electric Optional Extras
EFLM4160A E-flite 160 Outrunner HAN448515 Optional cockpit kit
EFLB50005S30 E-flite 5s 5000 LiPo (2 required)   P-47D Bubbletop 30cc
SPMSA6060 Spektrum digital servos
(aileron, elevator, rudder)
HAN2718 Scale Display Propeller:P-47D
  HAN448511 Scale bombs, Fuel tanks with pylons
ESC Castle 85 Amp ESC  
HFL7646 APC 17x12 thin electric prop HANP47 P-47D Robart Main Retract with Strut & Air Kit
    HANP47E P-47 30CC Robart Main Retract Electric (PR)
HAN448501 Fuselage with Fin and Hatch
HAN448502 Wing Set with Aileron and Flap
HAN448503 Stabiliser Set with Elevator
HAN448504 Rudder
HAN448505 Cowl
HAN448506 Canopy
HAN448507 Wing and Stabiliser Tube
HAN448508 Pushrod Set
HAN448509 Hardware Kit
HAN448510 Plastic Detail Set
HAN448511 Bombs & Drop Tank
HAN448512 Landing Gear Doors
HAN448513 Decals
HAN448514 EP Motor Box & Trays
HAN448515 Cockpit Tub Set
HAN448516 P-47D  30cc Fuel Tank
Trim Scheme Colors:
  Silver (HANU881)
  Cub Yellow (HANU884)
  Black (HANU874)
  Olive Drab (HANU904)
  Dark Red (HANU871)
Download the P-47D Bubbletop Manual

P-47D Thunderbolt

The P47 Thunderbolt is probably the most famous Republic Aviation Corporation built aircraft of WWII. First flown on 6 May 1941, the P-47 was designed as a high-performance fighter/bomber, utilising the large Pratt and Whitney R-2800 Double Wasp engine giving it excellent performance and a large load-carrying capability. The first deliveries of the P-47 took place in June 1942, when the US Army Air Corps began flying it in the European Theatre.

Though it was an excellent airplane, several improvements were made as production continued. Early versions had "razorback" fuselages; whilst the later P- 47D featured a bubble canopy which gave the pilot increased rearward visibility.

As the war progressed the Thunderbolt, or "Jug," as it was affectionately called, gained a reputation as a reliable and extremely tough airplane, able to take incredible amounts of combat damage and still bring its pilot home safely. Mostly though, they excelled in the ground-attack role, strafing and bombing their way across the battlefields of Europe. In this theater alone they were responsible for the destruction of over 7,000 enemy aircraft both in the air and on the ground. Later in the war, P-47 N “Jugs” served as escort fighters for B-29 bombers in the Pacific.

P-47s were also used during the war by the air forces of Brazil, England, France, Mexico and the Soviet Union. Following the end of hostilities, the P-47 served for nine more years in the USA, flown by Air National Guard units. Such was the rugged nature of the P-47 more Americans pilots became Aces while flying the P-47 than any other fighter during WW2.

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