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EFLM1120Park 280 Brushless Outrunner Motor1800Kv2S: 6x5 to 7x5, 3S: 5x5 to 7x3.5more EFLM1130Park 250 Brushless Outrunner Motor2050KV5.5 x 4.5–8 x 6 Slow Flyermore EFLM1140Park 300 Brushless Outrunner Motor2200KV2S: 6 x 5 to 7 x 5; 3S: 5 x 5 to 7 x 3.5more EFLM1150Park 300 Outrunner Motor1380kv6x5 to 8x3.8 (3-cells)more EFLM1155Park 340 Brushless Outrunner Motor1700Kv2S: 7 x 3.5 to 8 x 4.3; 3S: 6 x 4 to 6 x 5.5more EFLM1200Park 370 Outrunner1080kv 9x4.7 to 10x4.7more EFLM1205Park 370 Brushless Outrunner 1360kv 8 x 3.8 to 10 x 4.7more EFLM1210HSPark 370 BL Outrunner 4/4mm Hollow Shaft 1200KV 8x3.8–10x4.7 or Variable Pitch systemsmore EFLM1300Park 400 Outrunner Motor 740kv 10x4.7-12x3.8more EFLM1305Park 400 Outrunner Motor 920kv 9x7 to 11x4.7more EFLM1400Park 450 BLOutrunner Motor 890kv 10x5 to 12x6 Electricmore EFLM1500Park 480 Outrunner Motor910kv 10x7 to 12x6more EFLM1505Park 480 Outrunner Motor1020kv 10x7 to 12x6more EFLM4010APower 10 Outrunner Motor 1100kv 10x5–12x6more EFLM4015APower 15 Outrunner Motor 950kv 10x6–13x6.5more EFLM4025APower 25 Outrunner Motor840kv 11x8 to 14x7more EFLM4025BPower 25 BL Outrunner Motor1250Kv 8x6E to 8x8E (4S) or 8x8E to 10x10E (3S)more EFLM4025CPower 25 BL Outrunner Motor1000Kv more EFLM4032APower 32 Outrunner Motor770kv 11x7 to 14x10more EFLM4046APower 46 Bl Outrunner Motor 670kv 12x8 to 14x10more EFLM4052APower 52 Brushless Outrunner Motor590KV 4S: 14 x 7 - 15 x 8more EFLM4060APower 60 Bl Outrunner Motor400kv 14x8 to 16x10more EFLM4060BPower 60 Bl Outrunner Motor 470KV more EFLM4090APower 90 Outrunner325Kv 16x8 to 18x8more EFLM4110APower 110 Bl Outrunner Motor295kv 17x8 to 19x10more EFLM4160APower 160 Bl Outrunner Motor245kv 18x8 to 20x10more EFLM4180APower 180 Bl Outrunner Motor195kv 18x8 to 20x10more EFLM4360APower 360 Brushless Outrunner Motor 180KV 24x10 to 25x12more EFLM7000300 Brushless Outrunner1400KV moreEFLM7005180 Brushless Outrunner2500 Kv more EFLM7010BL 280 Outrunner Motor1800Kv  more EFLM7011BL 280 Outrunner Motor1800Kv  more EFLM7210BL450 Outrunner Motor1260KV 9x6 - 12x6more EFLM7225BL10 Outrunner Motor1260KV 9x6 - 12x6more EFLM7300BL25 Brushless Outrunner Motor1250Kv  more EFLM7400BL32 Brushless Outrunner Motor1150Kv  moreEFLM7450BL50 Brushless Outrunner Motor525Kv  more EFLUM180BLBL180 Brushless Outrunner Motor2300Kv  more EFLUM180BL2BL180 Brushless Outrunner Motor2500Kv  more EFLUM180BLBBL180 Brushless Outrunner Motor3000Kv  more

Power Series Brushless Motors

More and more modelers are choosing the clean, quiet convenience of electric power for models beyond park flyers. E-flite's Power Series motors offer the perfect blend of power, performance and price for planes 10-size and larger motors. Each motor has a size designation that is equivalent to its glow engine counterpart so its easy to pick the right motor for your plane

Park Series Brushless Inrunner Motors

Get better and more efficient performance from your sport and aerobatic park flyers. The Park 370 is a great upgrade for geared Speed 280 and 370 applications, while the Park 400 is a jump up from geared Speed 400 applications. Both include pinion gears, a prop adaptor, gold-plated connectors and an adaptor plate for mounting to GWS- and E-flite style gearboxes.

Park Series Brushless Outrunner Motors

E-flite's high-torque, direct-drive outrunner motors feature an external rotor design with a reversible shaft for easy mounting. No gearbox is necessary. Motor mount, prop adapter, gold bullet connectors and all hardware are included. These are perfect for small electric models.

Six Series Brushless Motors

Brushless Power that Can Be Used in Geared or Direct-Drive Applications (see under brushless inrunner)


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