P-51D Ultra-Micro Mustang


P-51 Ultra-Micro Mustang RTF PKZ3600i

Whilst it could be argued that the P51 Mustang was the best fighter plane of WW2 there can be few that would ever imagine that a P51 could one day be one of the best flying models for indoor use. Yes that’s right, a P51 for indoor flying!

Thanks to Parkzone and their diminutive ready to fly P51 Mustang it is now possible to recreate in miniature all of the drama and excitement of warbird flying indoors!

The Mustang has been designed from the ground up to offer modellers the chance to take indoor flying to the next level with a fully proportional 4 channel model that can perform all of the classic warbird manoeuvres such as loops, stall turns and of course nice slow victory rolls.

But this little beauty has more than just high speed fun to offer, thanks to the under cambered wing section the Mustang can fly remarkably slowly allowing pilots plenty of time to make nice smooth landings on the scale positioned sprung wired landing gear and thanks to the steerable tail wheel once on the ground the model can be taxied safely back to the pilot.

Out of the box this one piece model features a fully assembled lightweight foam airframe that comes pre-painted and detailed with an accurate 118th Fighter Squadron WW2 colour scheme from the “Pacific” theatre, fully installed electronics and motor, 3.7 volt-120 mAh single cell Li-Po battery, a DC quick charger with powered by the included AA batteries and a Parkzone low powered 4-channel with Spektrum 2.4GHz DSM2 technology.

Many words have been used in the past to describe the full-size Mustang however one word alone can sum up this delightful indoor model, fantastic!

P-51D Ultra Micro Mustang
Specification Features Spares & Manuals Media Formats - BNF
 P-51D Ultra-Micro Mustang
Wingspan 410mm (16.1 inch)
Length 352mm (13.8 inch)
Weight (RTF) 34.6g (1.22ozs)
Receiver Spektrum 2.4GHz DSM2 AR6400
6-channel Ultra-Micro
Battery 3.7V 120mAh Li-Po
Charger DC single cell li-Po
Transmitter ParkZone low powered 4-channel
with Spektrum 2.4GHz DSM2
P-51 Ultra-Micro Mustang


P-51D Mustang

In April 1942 the RAF’s fighter development unit tested the early P51 Mustang and found it wanting at higher altitude, however it had great manoeuvrability and speed and after testing by Rolls Royce it was realised that re-engineering the Mustang with a Merlin 61 would result in a phenomenal improvement in performance. The result was astonishing, the high altitude performance and range with the laminar flow wing and drop tanks would enable the Mustang to excel as a long range bomber escort.

American production of the Mustang with the Rolls Royce engines built under license by Packard the American car manufacturer was started in early 1943 and the birth of the P51 legend began!

It was largely due to the Mustang that daylight raids into German territory during 1944 became possible without the horrendous losses of earlier raids. The P51 also played a pivotal role in wresting air superiority away from the Luftwaffe, a vital condition for the allied invasion of France in June 1944.
Ultra Micro Mustang
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