Radian 2 Metre Sailplane RTF Mode 2
Radian 2 Metre Sailplane RTF Mode 1
Radian 2 Metre Sailplane PNP

This lightweight motor glider is constructed entirely from highly durable Z-foam with carbon reinforcing spars set into the lower surfaces of the fuselage and wings. The elliptical dihedral shape of the wing is such that the model is able to maintain lift at the slowest of air speeds and make the most of any thermals that may be around.

Equipped with a powerful 480 brushless outrunner motor and powered by the included Li-Po battery this two-metre glider has more than enough power to rapidly climb to the desired altitude with ease and once at altitude the motor can be eased right off and the model does what it does best; glide silently around the sky in the most graceful manner, requiring only the minimal steering inputs from the transmitter.

Landings are similarly nice and gentle, with power off the folding propeller folds back along the fuselage out of harms way, whilst the nylon skid mounted on the lower fuselage is designed to avoid damage should the model land on hard runways instead of grass.

The model comes complete as a ready to fly purchase with everything needed to get flying included in the box, a Spektrum DX5e 2.4Ghz radio system with pre-installed receiver, speed controller with fully proportional throttle, rudder and elevator servos, 450 brushless motor with folding propeller, a 1300mAh 11.1Volt Li-Po battery. All that’s needed is to charge up the flight battery pack and go flying, its that simple. With nothing extra to buy and with no building or gluing necessary the Radian is the easiest of models to get into the air, and once in the air it certainly delivers the most relaxing flight characteristics you could ever want.

Radian Pro


  • One box purchase (nothing else to buy)
  • Spektrum™ DX5e 5-channel full-range 2.4GHz DSM2™ radio system eliminates interference
  • Large two-metre wingspan
  • Three channel control (throttle, rudder and elevator)
  • Durable, lightweight and repairable Z-Foam™ construction
  • Carbon fibre fuselage and wing spars
  • Powerful 480-size, 960Kv outrunner brushless motor for efficient power motor with folding propeller
  • Variable rate DC cell-balancing Li-Po charger safely charges and conditions the Li-Po battery
  • Plug-in wing panels separate for easy transportation and storage
  • Semi-elliptical dihedral wing for maximum lift


Wingspan: 2 meters (78.7 inch)
Length: 1137mm (44.7 inch)
Weight: 850.5 g (30 oz)
Radio: Spektrum 2.4 GHz DSM2 DX5e
Servos: Sub-micro 3-wire
Battery: ParkZone 1300mAh 11.1Volt Li-Po (included)
Speed Control: E-flite 30A Pro Brushless ESC with Switch-Mode BEC (EFLA1030) (included)


PKZ1017 Propeller Blades: Radian
PKZ1018 Prop Adapter & Spinner Set: Radian
PKZ1033 11.1V 1300mAH LiPo Battery
PKZ1040 2-3 DC LiPo Balancing Charger
PKZ1060 SV80 3-Wire Sub-Micro Servo
PKZ4703 Decal Sheet: Radian
PKZ4713 Canopy: Radian
PKZ4714 Firewall with Screws: Radian
PKZ4716 PKZ 480 Outrunner Brushless Motor: Radian
PKZ4720 Main Wing with Spar: Radian
PKZ4722 Pushrods with Clevis: Radian
PKZ4725 Tail Wing Set: Radian
PKZ4767 Bare Fuselage: Radian
SPMAR500 DSM2 5CH Sport Receiver
EFLA1030 30-Amp Pro SB Brushless ESC
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