Quique Somenzini


Channel Expansion

Both the DX18QQ and its AR12120 receiver are X-Plus capable, meaning the addition of up to eight extra switch channels with the X-Plus channel expansion module. The module is plugged into the receiver and bound. It's just what anyone who flies complex scale models or high-performance sailplanes needs.
X-Plus 8

X-Plus 8

The X-Plus 8 module is designed to allow expansion of up to 8 servos for non control surface functions such as bomb drops, lights, winches, retractable landing gear, and many more. The X-Plus 8 module offers the option to power the connected servos via dual auxiliary battery ports with separate batteries and switch harnesses (sold separately) independent of the receiver. The X-Plus 8 module can also be powered inclusive of the receiver by using the included jumper through either of the dual BATT/JMPR ports.


  • 8-channel expansion
  • Dual battery ports
  • Included Jumper offers option of using receiver power
  • Allows the fine-tuning of 8 servos on non-critical controls (bomb drops, lights, winches, gear, etc.)


Complex aircraft, ships, or surface applications will enjoy the easy programming and functions of the X-Plus 8 module using X-Plus compatible transmitters AirWare™ software. The ability to select 2 position, 3 position or potentiometer adjustment through the transmitter. After selecting the specific switch or port, AirWare software will allow the individual servo adjustment of each X-Plus channel's travel adjust, sub trim, reversing, and speed.



Type: X-Plus Module
Channels: 8
Dimensions: 0.91x 1.61 x 0.79 in
(23 x 41 x 20mm)
Weight: .42 oz (11.9 g)
Voltage Range: 3.5 to 9.6V
Resolution: 512
Compatibility: All X-Plus transmitters and receivers