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SPMWS1000 Wireless Simulator Dongle

Wirelessly connect your Spektrum DSMX Radio to your computer to use with your favorite simulator. Does not require any additional hardware or software, simply plugs in to USB port and it is ready to go.

The WS1000 makes flying FPV simulators Like DRL Simulator and Liftoff FPV Simulator even easier to use with their Spektrum Radio. No more generic PPM trainer port adapters tethering pilots to their computer. Simply Plug in the WS1000 into a USB port on your PC or laptop, set the simulator for Spektrum Radio input and they are ready to start racing.

The WS1000 also takes R/C Simulators on the go. It is Compatible with Android devices and many of the great Simulator and FPV Apps available on the Google Play Store. Essentially any Android app that can use a gamepad can utilize the Spectrum Wireless Simulator Dongle.

  • Wireless connects a DSM2/DSMX Spektrum Transmitter to your PC or Mobile Device as a USB Gamepad
  • Integrated bind button
  • No additional drivers or additional software required for PC
  • Compatible with Android devices with a USB OTG adapter
Wireless Simulator Dongle

Telemetry Stylus

Telemetry Stylus
The Spektrum Signal Voltage Booster increases the signal line voltage to allow the following devices to function correctly with Spektrum receivers:

Jet-Tronics Retract Valve
Jet-Tronics Door Sequencer
Jet-Tronics Air Valve
Jet Model Products Door Sequencer
Digital Pulse Counters
Signal Line Voltage Booster

SPMCP Spektrum Signal Line Voltage Booster

The DSP offers the ultimate combination of precision and customisation for digital micro servos. Features include 3-point programming, high-speed input and three servo modes making the Digital Servo Programmer perfect for park flyers, micro heli pilots and indoor foamie pilots. The DSP allows programming of servos for optimum operation in whatever function they need, and the customisation potential offered by the Digital Servo Programmer allows micro servos to deliver the kind of precision and smooth response offered by larger servos and aircraft without sacrificing performance.

- Servo reversing
- Three point programming
- High speed input
- 3 servo modes
- Dead band programming

SPMDSP Spektrum Digital Servo Programmer
Male Universal Bind Plug

Male Universal Bind Plug
Male/Female Universal Bind Plug

Male/Female Universal Bind Plug
Socket Head Servo Mounting Screws (20)

Socket Head Servo Mounting Screws (20)
Socket Head Metal Gear Servo Screws & Washers (6)

Socket Head Metal Gear Servo Screws & Washers (6)
Heavy-Duty Power Jumper

Heavy-Duty Power Jumper
USB-Interface: AR7200BX

USB-Interface: AR7200BX

This USB-Interface means you can now change the flight characteristics to suit your own style of flying.

Spektrum AS3X programmer USB-Interface SPMA3060 is the ideal tool that lets you change the gain values (automatic deflections) of the flight control surfaces. Even if you are building a model from scratch, or wishing to fine tune an existing AS3X equipped model you now have the means to set the model up to your desired settings using this programming interface.

The software requires XP, Vista or Win 7 to run and once downloaded it is simply a mater of running the application whilst connected to the receiver via the USB-Interface. The programmer software works with planes equipped with the following range of AS3X receivers: SPMAS6410NBL, EFLU4864, EFLU1264 and PKZU2164.

- Easily updateable USB-Interface
- Compatible with the AS6410NBL receiver
- Allows individual axis gain value adjustment

- Includes an 18 inch cable for easy access to the receiver
- Simple easy to follow instructions

SPMA3060 Spektrum AS3X Programmer USB-Interface AS6410NBL
Alpha-6 Stability Box

Whether they own a Spektrum™ transmitter or not, pilots everywhere can now transform their flying experience with the enhanced stability and precision that only AS3X™ technology can provide.

App or No App, It’s Ready to Go
The Alpha-6 Stability Box comes with basic stability settings already programmed. A free programming app for mobile devices and PCs will be available should you want to tailor these settings or tap into advanced functions. But you won’t need the programming app to start enjoying the benefits of AS3X technology right away.

Without the app, all you have to do is install the unit as directed and plug it in between your receiver and servos. Once you’ve assigned a channel for making gain adjustments and completed the simple setup procedure to establish orientation, you’re ready to go.

Supports Standard PPM and Spektrum SRXL Serial Inputs
The unit comes with individual input/output connections for multiple servos. If, however, you own a receiver with PPM capabilities or a Spektrum receiver with SRXL output, you can run all your input channels to the box through a single connector.

Free Programming App Available for PC and iOS or Android Mobile Devices
The free app has an intuitive, graphical user interface that makes fine tuning response and accessing advanced features incredibly easy.


  • Works with most any manufacturer’s
  • Ideal for everything from .40-size sport
    models to giant-scale aircraft and jets
  • Can be used with or without the free
    programming app
  • Multiple input/output connections for
    individual servos
  • Also supports standard PPM and
    Spektrum™ SRXL serial inputs
  • All Aluminium case
Alpha-6™ Stability Box

AS3000 AS3X Flight Stabilisation Module

The Spektrum™ AS3000 is a new tool for the giant scale pilot to use that easily adds A3SX® stability to their aircraft. Simply plug the AS3000 into one of our Next Generation PowerSafe Receivers Sensor Port (AR9130T, AR12300T, AR20300T) and mount the AS3000 into the airframe.

No smart phone or computer is needed to program this gyro! This system is the first accessory to use Spektrum Forward Programing by introducing a new menu on the Gen2 radios that controls every AS3X setting and mode available with the Spektrum AS3000. (Airware 2.0 radio update needed)

The Spektrum AS3000 Flight Stabilization Module is very simple to install in any model, allowing for a clean and efficient install that removes the trouble of an in-line gyro system. This helps to eliminate the additional point of failure that an inline gyro can introduce. The AS3000 is a small 1inch by 1inch square 6 Axis gyro with 3 built in rubber dampened mounting points, making it easy to install and to isolate from other objects in the aircraft.

Type: AS3000 AS3X Flight Stabilisation Module
Weight: 2.83g (0.1 oz)
Length: 25.87mm (1.016")
Width: 25.87mm (1.016")
Height: 9.29mm (0.363")

AS3000 AS3X Flight Stabilisation Module

The Spektrum BT1000 Bluetooth module makes programming your Spektrum DXe transmitter or AS3X receiver easier and more convenient than ever. Simply plug the programmer into your DXe or AS3X receiver, pair the programmer to your IOS or Android mobile device and you're ready to program your DXe or AS3X receiver wirelessly using the DXe or AS3X mobile programming applications.


  • Allows Bluetooth connectivity between your Spektrum DXe transmitter and compatible Spektrum AS3X Receivers (AR636, AR6335, AR7350, AR9350
  • Can be paired with IOS and Android Bluetooth equipped devices and PC's with Bluetooth connectivity
  • Extremely small size
  • Built-in LED flashes when in pairing mode and is solid when paired

Spektrum Transmitter/Receiver Bluetooth prog module

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