Evolution Power System Propeller

The Evolution Engines Power System Propeller was designed to fly at slow speed while maintaining excellent thrust for climb and aerobatic manoeuvers. Engine sizes from 36 to 46 are comfortable with the 10.5x4 three blade propeller. You will find that the top speed of your model will be controlled within the 52 to 70 mph range. Of course this is very practical for training purposes however the high thrust at low speed is perfect for current 3D flying in models designed for manoeuvers at slow speed.
EVO09060 Evolution Power System, Propeller: A
Evolution Power System Propeller

Evolution Propellers

EVO09060 Evolution Propeller 9x6
EVO10060 Evolution Propeller 10x6
EVO10070 Evolution Propeller 10x7
EVO11050 Evolution Propeller 11x5
EVO11060 Evolution Propeller 11x6
EVO11070 Evolution Propeller 11x7
EVO12060 Evolution Propeller 12x6
EVO12080 Evolution Propeller 12x8
EVO13060 Evolution Propeller 13x6
EVO13070 Evolution Propeller 13x7
EVO13080 Evolution Propeller 13x8
EVO14060 Evolution Propeller 14x6
EVO14080 Evolution Propeller 14x8
EVO15060 Evolution Propeller 15x6
EVO16060 Evolution Propeller 16x6
Evolution Propellers

Propeller Extension

EVO716037 7-160 Propeller Extension 25mm (1.0inch )
EVO726037 7-260 Propeller Extension 25mm (1.0inch )
EVO73536 7-35 Propeller Extension 10mm (0.4inch )
EVO73537 7-35 Propeller Extension 25mm (1.0inch )
EVO77736 7-77/9-99 Propeller Extension 10mm (0.4inch )
EVO77737 7-77/9-99 Propeller Extension 25mm (1.0inch )
Propeller Drill Guide

Propeller Drill Guide

Use Evolution's Drill Guide to make sure you drill accurate holes for the propeller
screws, so the prop mounts safely and securely to the engine. It is specifically
designed for the Evolution 45GX2, 58GX2 and 116GX2.

  • Drill accurate holes for wood and/or composite propeller screws
  • For use on Evolution™ 45GX/2, 58GX/2 and 116GX/2 engines

EVO3380 Drill Guide, Propeller, Complete: EVO Gas
EVO33800101 Spare Propeller Drill Guide
EVO33800102 Washer Screw (2) Key Drill Guide Gas
EVO33800103 Drill Guide Drill Bit Set 3.9mm 4.9mm
EVO33800104 Drill Guide Chase Drill Bit Set 4mm&5m
Propeller Drill Guide