DX6i Service Bulletin

Spektrum DX6i Stick Pot Service Bulletin

DX6i owners are advised: our service centre has a concern of potentially bad stick potentiometers, which can be identified with this easy process:

1) Turn on your transmitter and select the servo monitor display. Details of how to do this are on page 85 of the DX6i manual and are also on the
downloadable report form at the bottom of this page.

Example Monitor

2) Smoothly move the sticks in each axis, carefully watching the commanded position on the monitor

3) The monitor should show smooth movement tracking with the input. If the monitor “jumps” or hesitates, please send your system in for service.
You can send it direct to our service centre in the UK at the address below or if you take it into your local modelshop we will collect it from them and effect the repair. We will return it to them. We can return it directly to you but returning it to them is more reliable as we use carriers.

Radios with a date codes of 809E, 810E, 811E, 812E should be carefully checked. If your radio has a code 809EUK, 810EUK, 811EUK or 812EUK
it has already been checked by our engineers in the UK and won’t need to be sent in.
Data Code Label Location Data Code Label Location

If your radio does not have a date code, the test is still advisable. And please, as is common, check your controls before flight.

We apologise for any inconvenience, and thank you for your patience.

Spektrum Service.

Returning Your Radio for Service.

If you find your transmitter needs service you can return it directly to us or take it to your local modelshop where we will have it collected, would you please though, download the service report form and include it when you return it.

Spektrum Service Centre
Horizon Hobby UK
Units 1 to 4 Ployters Road
Staple Tye
Southern Way
CM18 7NS
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