Spektrum Bulletin

Spektrum DSMX Transmitter Bulletin

DSMX transmitters operating in DSM2 mode

The Spektrum Team has been investigating sporadic reports from DSMX transmitter owners using their products in DSM2 mode. We have discovered that in some rare instances, DSMX equipped transmitters with the Product ID (PID) within this bulletin, may have a backwards compatibility
issue that could cause a "hold" with the following superseded DSM2 receivers: AR500, AR6100, AR6110, AR6200 and AR6300.

Note: This bulletin does not apply to DSM2 ONLY transmitters. For more in depth details of which transmitters need returning for updating look at the FAQs HERE.

If you have a DSMX transmitter with one of the following PIDs, please complete the Transmitter Service Request Form and arrange the return of your transmitter to the Horizon Hobby UK service department for a free firmware update.

Click HERE for details of how to arrange the return of your transmitter and download the Transmitter Service Request Form.

Horizon will pay for all shipping.

The PID is located in the battery compartment of your transmitter.


PID's beginning with the following prefixes: HS, HH, HT, HE, HA

Transmitters with affected PIDs may be found in the following products (UK codes):
Hobbyzone Super Cub DSM (HBZ7400UK), Blade mCP X RTF (BLH3500UK1/UK2), E-flite Apprentice 15e RTF (EFL2725/27251), Hangar 9 Alpha 40 DSM2 RTF (HAN4400EU1/EU2), P-51 Mustang MkII PTS RTF (HAN4425UK1/UK2), ParkZone Radian RTF (PKZ4700i/4700iM1), ParkZone F4U Corsair RTF (PKZ4600i/4600iM1), Phoenix R/C Pro Simulator 3.0 with DX5e (RTM30R5510/RTM30R55101).

PID's beginning with the following prefixes: HS, HH, HT, HE, HA, HO, HM, HR

PID's beginning with the following prefixes: HA

We apologise for this inconvenience. Horizon disclaims all liability and warranties for any consumer failing to act upon this product bulletin. Always check your transmitter and equipment prior to each flight.


DSM2/DSMX Bulletin FAQ

1. I have a Spektrum transmitter with an affected PID. Should I be worried?

This problem only affects certain older DSM2 receivers (AR500, AR6100, AR6110, AR6200 and AR6300) and transmitters noted with the combined DSM2/DSMX protocol.

If you only intend to operate DSMX receivers or other DSM2 receivers not listed, there is no need or benefit to update your transmitter.

2. I have been using one of the receivers listed with my DX8 and have not had any problem. Do I still need to send in my transmitter for this update?

If you have never had a problem with your system you do not need to send in the transmitter.  We recommend ongoing range checks to ensure that your transmitter is functioning properly.
If you have any doubts about the operation of your transmitter in specific locations, send your transmitter in for service.

3. Are Ready to Fly (RTF) products with Spektrum technology affected by this issue?

Only transmitters with PID's mentioned in the bulletin are affected including those purchased in RTF kits. All stock shipping from Horizon warehouses as of 2/6/2011 have been updated already.

AR500, AR6100, AR6110, AR6200 and AR6300 DSM2 receivers included in Horizon's RTF products are affected when used in combination with transmitters having a listed PID.