Your Privacy is designed and intended solely to inform you about the products we produce and make available through model shops throughout the UK. We collect no personal data about you, nor do we monitor your activities to target advertising at you.

We do utilise Google Analytics to deliver us feedback to monitor and improve the site and of course, we are interested to monitor how many people are good enough to visit us.

Google Analytics serves cookies onto your computer to enable it to inform us about how amongst other things, you arrived on our site, how long you spend on it, how many pages you look at, and where in the world you are located. This information is only viewed by us and is completely anonymous; we know where you came from and what you looked at but we have no idea of your personal identity.

These cookies are known as first-party cookies, and are confined to our site. Browsers do not share first-party cookies across domains.

Direct Collection of Data

From time to time we find ourselves in the position of having to inform consumers about known problems or issues with certain products. If this involves the retrieval of those products to correct defects, or the supply of supplemental or correctional components we will invite consumers to fill out an on-line form to collect the data we need to implement this.

The information collected in these instances is used solely for the purpose of correcting those particular issues and is not used for anything else. It is not used to contact consumers on other matters, nor is it passed on to any other parties. Only members of staff of Horizon Hobby UK view it and once the issue at hand is resolved all of the collected data is deleted.