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SAFE Technologie


Spektrum SAFE Technologie


Groundbreaking SAFE™ (Sensor Assisted Flight Envelope) technology makes RC flight incredibly easy even for the least experienced user. It revolutionary capability gives a model aircraft spatial awareness making it possible to provide flight envelope protection and a degree of security new pilots especially never had. Every pilot’s needs are different, that’s why multiple levels of flight envelope protection are selectable through the transmitter so that when flight conditions change, so can the level of protection. SAFE technology only limits the attitude of the aircraft. It in no way interferes with the freedom of control within the limits chosen by the pilot. In addition, SAFE technology makes smooth flight easier by battling windy conditions for you so that you can focus on guiding the aircraft the way you want.

Best of all, sophisticated SAFE technology doesn’t require any work to enjoy. Every aircraft with SAFE installed is ready to use and optimised to offer the best possible flight experience.


Multi-axis sensors combined with unique software create an intelligent aircraft that understands its position in the air relative to the horizon. This unique level of comprehension allows SAFE to keep the aircraft in a safe attitude without interfering with a pilot’s freedom of control.


In addition to its complex levels of envelope protection, multi-axis stability keeps the aircraft flying rock solid even in windy conditions. The work load reduction improves confidence and significantly helps the aircraft handle cross-wind conditions so the pilot can better focus on aircraft position.


From the transmitter, the pilot can select the level of flight envelope protection desired at any time. Each mode offers progressive performance so the pilot can naturally develop skills safely.