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- ... Staufenbiel HYPERION


The new Staufenbiel HYPERION is a full-GFRP model glider with a wingspan of 3.40 m, which impresses with its athletic design and flight characteristics. Experience sportiness, elegance, stability and outstanding flight characteristics at an unbeatable price.


The entire model is built as a full-GFRP shell, which is painted elaborately within its mould. The fuselage of the HYPERION is reinforced by carbon fibre strips over its entire length, including in the wing joiner system and wings. Following the HAWK III, the HYPERION is the second full-GFRP model, which is also available as an optional PNP-version with pre-installed motor as well as pre-installed and wired servos.


Both versions have an extremely high degree of prefabrication, as is usual for full GFRP models made by Staufenbiel. The PNP-version additionally features a strong built-in brushless outrunner made by DYMOND and 6 built-in and pre-wired DYMOND digital servos with metal gearbox and an aluminium casing. In addition, a CAM carbon folding propeller and aluminium-spinner are included.


Wingspan: 3400 mm Length: 1520 mm
Wing Area: 85,0 dm² Wing Area: 34,11 g/dm²
Airfoil: HN-354 mod. Weight: 2900 g
Material Fuselage: CFRP Material Wings: CFRP
Motor: Dymond GTX-3546 (650KV) ESC (recommended): Dymond Smart 60
Rudder Servo: 1x Dymond DS 1700 MG Elevator Servo: 1x Dymond DS 1700 MG
Aileron Servos: 2x Dymond DS 1800 MG Flaps Servos: 2x Dymond DS 1800 MG
BEC (recommended): Dymond Switch BEC 5 A Battery (recommended) 4S LiPo (4000 - 5000mAh)
Spinner: 42 mm Prop: 14 x 8"


The HYPERION is an energetic thermal glider with flight characteristics inspired by the F5J competition classification. Thanks to its high-quality and sturdy structure and modified wing profile, the HYPERION features characteristics unheard of in this price segment.

Photo: Christian Klar (


The modified HN-354 profile delivers the exact flying characteristics required in any specific flight situation by warping the wing surface. De-warp the flaps a little to overcome a down wash zone quickly – the Hyperion immediately picks up speed and leads you to the next thermal bubble. Once reached, the wing is slightly warped positively and the HYPERION will instantly convert any sign of thermal activity into altitude gains.


The Staufenbiel HYPERION features an easily assembled pendulum elevator. The elevator halves are simply plugged on the carbon connector.


The wide wing consists of one middle part and two outer parts. The wing components are securely connected by a 12 mm round plug. Thanks to the three-part wing, the 3.40 m long model may be transported comfortably and safely. A custom-made wing protection set is also available as optional equipment. It contains pouches for all wing components and the pendulum elevator.


Bright colours and contrasting wide stripes guarantee excellent visibility in the sky in any situation. But let’s be honest: The enormous wingspan of the HYPERION makes it easy to be spotted.

Photo: Andreas Ruth


The new full-GFRP glider features cut-out air breathers in the fuselage nose bulkhead. In the air, they continuously cool the engine and electronics installed behind it, such as batteries and controllers.


A pronounced landing skid has been provided for at the lower side of the GFRP fuselage. The skip provides for maximum balance of the glider - even in a rough landing.


One of the highlights of the HYPERION is its spacious fuselage. The easily accessible servos for the elevator and rudders are located below the wing joining system. In the front part of the fuselage, a balsa panel has been installed directly behind the motor, providing convenient storage for controller, BEC, receiver and telemetry modules. On top of it, directly below the cabin opening, there is sufficient space for large high-capacity batteries. A nice additional feature: A centre of gravity marker is imprinted on the fuselage hull.

Our expertise and first class service will assist you when purchasing your own HYPERION. If you have any questions on the new HYPERION, please contact us at +49 40 / 300 619 50 or via email at




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