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- ... Staufenbiel HAWK III REVOLUTION

Sold and tried a 1000 times, unsurpassed in the price-performance relation. After the HAWK and the HAWK V2, there is now the third generation of the series: the HAWK III REVOLUTION. With numerous new improvements and a unique, unmistakable look, the hotliner with preinstalled motor and wired servos comes for the very first time also as a PNP version. Anyone who appreciates a high-quality and perfectly matched, yet still affordable hotliner, probably will not be able to do without this model anymore.

from 329,90 EUR


For the first time, a Staufenbiel model in full composite design is available as a PNP version with installed electronics! Besides a high-performance X-MAX cased outrunner, 3 Dymond digital servos with metal gear are installed and wired in the model. A black anodised aluminium spinner and the original CAM-carbon folding propeller round out the PNP variant. Unpack, complete the final assembly, and race off. For all those who would rather equip their model according to their standards and preferences, the HAWK III of course continues to be available as ARF variant without electronics.


The new fuselage of the HAWK III was reinforced with carbon fiber in critical places. On the inside of the fuselage walls, carbon stripes are fitted over the entire length of the fuselage. In addition, reinforcements are underneath the wing retainers. Thus, the hotliner is much more stable and robust during scorching flight manoeuvres and can also handle harder landings.


Owing to the optimised fuselage, the longitudinal dihedral is now around 0 degrees, which guarantees an absolutely neutral flight behaviour, even at maximum speeds.


We listened! The predecessor, the Hawk V2, has been criticised often because the bright blue predecessor model was difficult to see in the high speeds. This is changed now. Because the HAWK III REVOLUTION is mould-varnished with fluorescent colours. The sporty varnish in neon yellow, and the neon green in combination with black offer excellent visibility. The colours practically sting the eye even in dusk. The block stripes on the bottom side of the wings furthermore indicate the orientation of the model to the pilot at any time.


The model has readily milled-out air inlets in the fuselage nose and an outlet in the rear section. This ensures optimal cooling of the drive.


The new landing skid on the bottom of the fuselage ensures a maximum of stability and protects the HAWK III also in rough landings.


The significantly larger and already milled-out fuselage opening under the wing retainers enables easy access to the battery, motor and electronics.


Both versions of the HAWK III REVOLUTION reach a very high degree of prefabrication. Furthermore, the PNP version includes an aluminium spinner and folding propeller. The matching servo covers and all required small parts are included in the delivery for both versions.

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Staufenbiel HAWK III REVOLUTION (full composite) 1700mm ARF
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Staufenbiel HAWK III REVOLUTION (full composite) 1700mm PNP
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