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Airmeet 2017

Horizon Hobby Airmeet 2017


Sportflugplatz Donauwörth/Genderkingen
Forstmahd 1 - 86682 Genderkingen, Germany


The Airmeet is the RC model show of the year and has become something like the Mecca of the RC scene. The centrepiece of the Airmeet is the impressive non-stop airshow. For the ninth time everything will be revolving around jets, biplanes, helicopters and copters. Ranging from high-end-scratch-built models right down to beginner planes for everyone – everything will be flown by the best of the best at the Airmeet. Again we have been able to put together an impressive list of pro pilots. There will be first class show acts with full scale planes ranging from the silent elegance of the Blanix Team right up to the roaring power of the 1.500bhp warbird monster, the T-28 Trojan. You will see breath-taking manoeuvres flown spectacularly and precise and accompanied by sweeping music. Additional specials this year include a huge 1.600m² RC racetrack hosting the Race-Cup, an FPV arena where you can try FPV and a RC tombola where every ticket wins!

TENTATIVE PROGRAMME subject to changes

09.50 AM Grand Opening of the 2017 Airmeet.
10.00 AM Start of the nonstop airshow* - close to eight hours of airshow power flown by the best of the best without interruption. Ranging from warbirds over high speed gliders to jet formations, ever single pilot will thrill and entertain the audience – GUARANTEED! In six action packed Horizon Hobby show blocks we will be presenting the newest products coming straight from the Horizon Hobby idea forge. Top notch catering is provided during the whole day.
6.00 PM Display with full scale aircraft – Rainer Steinberger with his T-28 Trojan, Uwe Schreyer flying the Pitts S-2 and Volker Fischer at the controls of the Yak-52.
8.30 PM Start of the ultra-spectacular Horizon Nightflightshow – pure emotion. The show is concluded by a firework display.
10.30 PM Legendary Aviator-Party with beats and drinks at the Horizon Team bar.

10.00 AM Start of the nonstop airshow* - The highly coveted acts of the sky. Look forward to a gigantic display on the second day of the most unique airshow of the year.
01.00 PM Display with full scale aircraft. T-28 Trojan, Red Bull Blanix, Pitts S-2, Yak-52.
3.50 PM “Last Call” – time to say good bye and see you next year for the 10th Horizon Airmeet 2018.
4.00 PM Official end of the airshow* and farewell – even the greatest event of the year needs to end at some point but we are all already anticipating the Airmeet 2018.

*The detailed line-up of the airshow will be published in the Airmeet-App that we are currently developing for you.

Horizon Hobby Airmeet 2017

RACEMEET by Horizon Hobby

Adding some excitement to the long running Air Meet we will have the first edition of the Race Meet. A full 1/8 scale track will be built beside the airstrip making the even more memorable. Don't miss out the opportunity to race in front of a crowd of 30.000 people ready to cheer at the one that will be the first RACE MEET CHAMPION.

To register for the race please, send the following information to

E-Mail address,
Car brand,
Transponer number,
Class (Electric or Nitro).

Entry will be accepted until 14. August 2017.


DriverNationCar BrandChassisClass
Marc De Zwart AustriaTLR8ight 4.0Nitro Buggy
Philipp De Zwart AustriaTLR8ight 4.0Nitro Buggy
Uwe De Zwart AustriaTLR8ight 4.0Nitro Buggy
Alexander Dejaco GermanyMugenMBX 7RNitro Buggy
Cesiulis Domantas LithuaniaTLR8ight 4.0Nitro Buggy
Marcel Drobe GermanyTeam AssociatedRC8B3Nitro Buggy
Martin Fortmüller AustriaTLR8ight 4.0Nitro Buggy
Eghlis Gallo ItalyTLR8ight 4.0Nitro Buggy
Florian Hartl GermanyKyoshoMP9 TKI2Nitro Buggy
Wolfgang Heusel AustriaTLR8ight 4.0Nitro Buggy
Jan Kruisz AustriaTLR8ight 4.0Nitro Buggy
Damiano Muscella ItalyTLR8ight 4.0Nitro Buggy
Thomas Paßmann GermanyMugenMBX 7Nitro Buggy
Steven Wroblewski GermanySerpentSRX8Nitro Buggy

DriverNationCar BrandChassisClass
Karsten Böhlke GermanyTeam AssociatedRC8eElectric Buggy
Cesiulis Domantas LithuaniaTLR8ight-E 4.0Electric Buggy
Imre Fekete GermanyAnsmannX8eElectric Buggy
Noah Grundschock GermanyTLR8ight E 3.0Electric Buggy
Thomas Grundschock GermanyTLR8ight E 2.0Electric Buggy
Dennis Heitzenröther GermanyXRayXB8EElectric Buggy
Anton Huber GermanyMugenMBX 7R ecoElectric Buggy
Dennis Jachdhuber GermanyMugenMBX 6 ecoElectric Buggy
Tom Kremser GermanyTLR8ight E 3.0Electric Buggy
Thomas Schwarz GermanyTLR8ight E 3.0 lightElectric Buggy
Daniel Struck GermanyTLR8ight E 4.0Electric Buggy
Erwin Weimann GermanyHB RacingE817Electric Buggy

DriverNationCar BrandChassisClass
Michael Betz GermanyHPITrophy 4.6Nitro Truggy
Sven Friedrich GermanyHB RacingD8TNitro Truggy
Tobias Grahlow GermanyTLR8ight-T 3.0-2.0Nitro Truggy

DriverNationCar BrandChassisClass
Rainer Eichinger GermanyTeam AssociatedRC8e TruggyElectric Truggy
Benjamin Fritz GermanyTLR8ight-T E 3.0Electric Truggy
Silvio Richter GermanyRC8TeElectric Truggy
Andreas Ruepp GermanyTLR8ight-T E 3.0Electric Truggy

Horizon Hobby Racemeet 2017

Horizon Hobby Airmeet 2017


Both days will be filled with a multitude of sideshow events parallel to the airshow: The Horizon Hobby tent, booths with RC goods, childcare, bouncy castle, “meet the pilots” area, The Flying Bulls Pavilion, RC-racetrack and a wide range of culinary offers. We are sure, that this will be an unforgettable weekend for all RC- and aviation fans and their families.

This year we will be holding the Race-Cup at the Airmeet for the first time. Information regarding registration and further details will be published shortly.

In the FPV Arena you will be able to fly a FPV Copter yourself with assistance from one of our Horizon Hobby team pilots.

A real live Formula 1 and Indy 500 star? That’s something you will only find at the Airmeet. The Columbian racing driver Juan Pablo Montoya doesn’t only love to race on the track, he’s also a fan of tearing through the sky with RC jets so it’s obvious, that the adrenaline loaded Airmeet is an event he can’t miss. We are very pleased, that this talented RC pilot will be making a pit stop in Donauwörth. But he will not only be attending as a pilot, he is especially looking forward to a meet and greet with you!

Horizon Hobby Airmeet 2017


To find us, please enter the following address of the Donauwörth Airstrip into your Satnav:
Motorflugsportgruppe Donauwörth-Genderkingen e.V. Forstmahd 1, 86682 Genderkingen or visit for more information on the Airport.

We recommend travelling by car. Parking spaces are provided locally (EUR 5.- per vehicle). We are expecting a high number of visitors so as always it is “first come, first serve”.


There are two camping areas directly at the Airfield. The first is in the middle of a nice shady wooded area, the second has been expanded and is immediately next to the airfield in a well-tended pasture. Please bring your own lighting. There is no registration for camping and we have a decent amount of camping spots but, as with the parking spaces, it is “first come, first serve”. The price per camping spot including power, drinking water and waste disposal is EUR 25.-. You can find additional accommodation on the homepage of the town of Donauwörth by clicking on “Tourist – Info”.


Naturally, as in the years before, we are making sure, that all your catering needs are taken care of. We will be offering a wide range of food and drink for big and small at family friendly prices.


o Ticket is needed for the admission to the Airmeet. The Event is free for all.


We will be providing all details concerning the Airmeet in our new Airmeet-App which we are currently developing for you.

Horizon Hobby Airmeet 2017