Horizon Hobby Airmeet 2018


Sportflugplatz Donauwörth/Genderkingen
Forstmahd 1 - 86682 Genderkingen

10th Anniversary of Airmeet

Our Airmeet is the RC sports show of the year and has become the highlight of the season for the entire RC scene over the past 10 years. The core part of the airmeet is the impressive non-stop air show, which is all about jets, bi-planes, helicopters and copters. From the high-end self-build to the entry-level aircraft for any beginner – at the Airmeet they are flown by the best of the best. Again this year, the lineup of the pilots is more than impressive. First-class show acts with original aircrafts, from silent elegance with the Blanix team all the way to the 1500 hp sensational Warbird and the mighty T-28 Trojan. Spectacular and precise, with rousing acoustic and breathtaking aerobatic maneuvers. Other highlights include the 1,600 qm² RC race course with Race-Cup, an FPV arena to give it a whirl and an RC raffle where EVERY ticket wins.


Short-term changes may occur

09:50 amCeremonial opening of the Airmeet 2018.
10 amStart of the non-stop air show * - Almost eight hours of uninterrupted air show with the best of the best . From the Warbird, high-speed sailplanes to the jet squadron. Every aviator will inspire and entertain the spectators individually - PROMISE! All the latest product developments, which our creative Horizon Hobby team brewed up, will be presented during the six compact Horizon Show blocks. In addition, the physical well-being is also well taken care of.
6 pmShowacts of the original planes - Rainer Steinberger with T-28 Troijan, Uwe Schreyer with his Pitts S-2 and Volker Fischer on Yak-52.
8:30 pmStart of the mega dramatic night flight show – Unforgettable! Horizon will conclude this show with dazzling fireworks.
10:30 pmLegendary flyer party with great music and drinks from the Horizon Team Bar.

10 amStart of the Nonstop Air Show * - The eagerly anticipated acts in the sky. Look forward to a gigantic show on the second day of the unique and memorable RC Air Show of all time.
1 pmAir Show with original aircrafts: Yak-11, MÜ-30 Schlacro, Grob G-109, Swift S-1
3:50 pm"Last call" - time to say good bye and see you next year for the 11th Horizon Airmeet 2019.
4 pmOfficial end of this year’s air show * and farewell - even the most magnificent event of the year must come to an end. But the thrill of anticipation to meet again in 2019 is known to be the most alluring delight.

*All details about the air show can be found on the airmeet app, which is currently still under development.


There will be an extensive accompanying program parallel to the air show on both days of the event: Horizon Hobby tent, RC Hobby kiosks, child care, bouncy castle, Meet the Pilot area, The Flying Bulls pavilion, RC racetrack and a wide variety of culinary. One thing is certain: it will be an unforgettable weekend for all friends of aviation and RC sports as well as the whole family.

In the FPV-Arena you can give it your best shot and fly our FPV-Copter under the guidance of the Horizon Hobby Team.

The huge RC Offroad Car Track really gets down to business. We supply the cars - you drive them. Between the races of the RaceMeet 2018, the track will be open to anyone who wants to try one of our RC cars.

The huge RC Offroad Car Track really gets down to business. We supply the cars - you drive them. Between the races of the RaceMeet 2018, the track will be open to anyone who wants to try one of our RC cars.

A Indy Car Star to touch? That my friends is only possible at the Airmeet. The Colombian race car driver Juan Pablo Montoya not only likes to heat up the track, but also the sky with RC jets. Of course he should be present at this year’s adrenaline-charged Airmeet. Therefore, we are so pleased that this gifted RC hobbyist inserts a pit stop in Donauwörth. He will not only take part in the air show as a pilot, but is especially looking forward to talk to you at the Meet & Greet.

Every ticket wins!!! Did you ever hear of a thing like that? Only at the Airmeet 2018! Like every year there are great prizes to win in our big raffle.


After its great success last year, our 2nd RaceMeet will take place this year. Right next to the airfield, we will construct a 1: 8 RC Car Racetrack for Saturday and Sunday. Well-known drivers with the best chassis will race across the tracks. You definitely want to be there and show your skills in front of 30,000 visitors.

Register now with your 1: 8 Buggy or Truggy (nitro-powered or electric) and become the first RACE MEET CHAMPION 2018!

To participate as a driver, log in to mmuenker@horizonhobby.com an. We need the following information from you:

First given name,
E-mail address,
Car brand,
Buggy or Truggy,
Electric or nitro,
Transponder number,

Closing date for registration is August 5th, 2018. No entry fee is required. Further information on schedule, route and rules will be sent to all participants by e-mail. We look forward to another spectacular RaceMeet !


DriverNationCar BrandChassis
Lorenzo Berrettini ItalyTLR8ight 4.0
Rudy Bertuzzi ItalyTLR8ight 4.0
William Campanelli ItalyTLR8ight 4.0
Wayne Davis U.K.TLR8ight 4.0
Marc de Zwart AustriaTLR8ight 4.0
Philipp de Zwart AustriaTLR8ight 4.0
Uwe de Zwart AustriaTLR8ight 4.0
Marcel Drobe GermanyTeam AssociatedRC8B3
Zak Edwards U.K.TLR8ight 4.0
Ioannis Evdoridis GreeceTeknoNB 48.4
Martin Fortmüller AustriaTLR8ight 4.0
Oliver Freitag GermanyTLR8ight 4.0
Tobias Grahlow GermanyTLR8ight 4.0
Giacomo Graziosi ItalyTLR8ight 4.0
Florian Hartl GermanyKyoshoMP9 TKI2
Markus Högg GermanySworkzS350 BK1 Evo
Jan Kruisz AustriaTLR8ight 4.0
Steve Lockley U.K.TLR8ight 4.0
Damiano Muscella GermanyTLR8ight 4.0
Jerome Sartel FranceTLR8ight 4.0
Daniel Sprie GermanyTLR8ight 4.0
Henrik Steiner GermanyTLR8ight 4.0
Steven Wroblewski GermanySerpentSRX8 Evo

DriverNationCar BrandChassis
Michael Betz GermanyArrmaTyphoon V2
Karsten Böhlke GermanyTeam AssociatedRC8B3e
Marc de Zwart AustriaTLR8ight-E 4.0
Philipp de Zwart AustriaTLR-E 4.0
Uwe de Zwart AustriaTLR8ight-E 4.0
Martin Fortmüller AustriaTLR8ight-E
Noah Grundschock GermanyTLR8ight E 3.0
Thomas Grundschock GermanyTLR8ight E 2.0
Romain Harache FranceTLR8ight E 4.0
Kai Koesterke GermanyRB ProductsRB E One R V2
Jan Kruisz AustriaTLR8ight-E 4.0
Damiano Muscella GermanyTLR8ight-E
Jerome Sartel FranceTLR8ight-E 4.0
Erwin Weinmann GermanyHot BodiesE817

DriverNationCar BrandChassis
Wayne Davis U.K.TLR8ight-T 4.0
Marco Eisner GermanyTeknoNt 48.3
Martin Fortmüller AustriaTLR8ight-T
Sven Friedrich GermanyHot Bodiesd817t
Philipp Schwabe GermanyTeam CT8T
Stefan Weber GermanyMugen SeikiMBX7T

DriverNationCar BrandChassis
Adrian Furrer SwitzerlandTLR8ight-T E 3.0
Tobias Grahlow GermanyTLR8ight-T E 3.0
Silvio Richter GermanySworkzS350T
Andreas Ruepp Germanyt.b.a.t.b.a.

With the support of the



The postal address of the airfield for your navigation devices is as followed:
Motorflugsportgruppe Donauwörth-Genderkingen e.V. Forstmahd 1, 86682 Genderkingen or www.flugplatz-genderkingen.de for more information about the airport.

We recommend you travel by car. On-site parking is provided (5 EUR per vehicle). Due to previous experience of high attendance this main rule applies again this year: first come, first serve!


From Thursday on, two campsites are available directly by the airport. One of them offers mature, shade trees to keep you comfortable during your stay. The second site was greatly enlarged and is adjacent to a well-kept lawn. It is recommended to bring your own source of lighting for the evening hours. It is not necessary to register for the campsite; there are a few places available. But remember - as with the parking lots - "first come-first serve".

The fees for a campsite including electricity, drinking water station and disposal point are a flat rate of 25 EUR.
More accommodations can be found at www.stadt-donauwoerth.de under the menu item "Tourist - Info".


Needless to say, your culinary well-being is going to be taken care of again this year. A selection of different food and beverages for young and old is available at family-friendly prices.


No tickets are required to visit the Airmeet, admission is free.


All details about this year’s air show can be found in the airmeet app, which is currently under development.