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Item no.:  094PRB09004
PRO BOAT Zelos G RTR - Image 1
PRO BOAT Zelos G RTR - Image 2
PRO BOAT Zelos G RTR - Image 3
PRO BOAT Zelos G RTR - Image 4
PRO BOAT Zelos G RTR - Image 5
PRO BOAT Zelos G RTR - Image 6
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PRO BOAT Zelos G RTR - Image 8
PRO BOAT Zelos G RTR - Image 1PRO BOAT Zelos G RTR - Image 2PRO BOAT Zelos G RTR - Image 3PRO BOAT Zelos G RTR - Image 4PRO BOAT Zelos G RTR - Image 5PRO BOAT Zelos G RTR - Image 6PRO BOAT Zelos G RTR - Image 7PRO BOAT Zelos G RTR - Image 8
Manufacturer: Proboat
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Race like never before with the Zelos™ 48 Type G Catamaran. This high-speed catamaran is equipped with a water-cooled Dynamite® Zenoah G300PUM 30cc gas engine capable of hitting 50+ miles per hour. By the time the competition knows what hit them; they’ll be eating your wake.


Proven, wide hull design, triple layered fiberglass with superior gel coat finish: The tried and true wide hull design remains and now features an updated and modern trim scheme. The boat is reinforced with extra layers of fiberglass around the seam to ensure it stays in one piece through the most brutal of crashes.
Sturdy fiberglass canopy with threaded thumb screw fasteners: The new canopy features more streamlined air scoops. It also features aluminum thumb screws = keeping the canopy in place in case of a flip.
Dynamite® Zenoah 30cc Engine: Zenoah has unrivaled reliability when it comes to two-stroke surface engines. With this engine, the boat will easily hit 50+ mph.
Centrifugal Clutch: A centrifugal clutch prevents the prop from spinning while the engine is at idle. This keeps your fingers and hands safe while you handle the boat while placing it in or taking it out of the water. It also allows you to easily launch your boat without the need for a second person to toss your boat in the water while you work the throttle on the radio. This is a must on this size boat, but is often not an included feature.
Adjustable aluminum anodized propeller strut: The anodizing on the propeller strut ensures the aluminum is protected in harsh water condition, including salt water. The adjustability allows customers to tune the boat for specific water conditions.
Breakaway, anodized aluminum rudder: Just like the strut, the anodizing on the rudder provides protection from harsh water conditions, while the break-away feature prevents from having to replace the rudder or rudder mount if the boat ever runs over a floating object.

Spektrum™ DSMR 2.4GHz Radio: The included Spektrum™ DX2E V3 transmitter used to control this boat offers extended range and adjustable endpoints. A built in fail-safe gives added protection if signal to the boat is lost. Additionally, it includes the new Spektrum MR4000 waterproof receiver.

Powerful 1/6th Scale S904HV Steering Servo: A boat this big needs some muscle in the steering department. A 1/6 scale servo with 18 kilograms of torque is ready to point it in any direction with authority.

3200mAh LiPo Receiver Battery: The included rechargeable LiPo receiver battery allows for hours of play time without stopping to re-charge.

Water Cooling: The water pickup on the bottom of the hull and in the rudder bring cool water onboard to the engine and tuned exhaust to keep their operating temperatures down while in operation.

Metal Propeller: The metal propeller adds durability and longevity, plus you can sharpen and balance it for even greater performance. The aggressive pitched three blade propeller takes advantage of the engine's torque to provide thrilling speeds.

Wood Boat Stand: The included wood boat stand allows for display or as a place to place the boat while working on it.

Length: 1231 mm
Beam: 419,1 mm
Height: 228,6 mm
Weight: 900g
Speed: 80 km/h
Box contents:
Radio: Spektrum DX2E Fernsteuerung
Receiver: Spektrum
Motor: Dynamite® Zenoah G300PUM 30cc
ESC: incl.
Servos: Scale S904HV