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Soundmodule USM-RC-2 with DVD + manual

Item no.:  236USM-RC2
Soundmodule USM-RC-2 with DVD + manual - Image 1
Manufacturer: Beier-Electronic
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The sound module USM-RC-2 is the first choice when it comes to a model with special features. This module is perfect for model aircrafts, because it brings a powerful amplifier directly to the board. It`s not just a"sound module", it provides a complete control of lights, including sequencing and so on. With the two servo outputs you can for example implement a suspension damper control.

A speaker is not included, we recommend our Visaton R10S for model aircrafts.

The sound module USM-RC-2 is the successor of the proven USM-RC module and is specifically designed for RC model to equip driving and flying models, with a possible faithful, speed-dependent driving sound (eg. engine sounds). Additional cranking, utility, acceleration, stop, stand, brake and reversing sounds can also be played back. To make the perfect background noise, in addition to the driving sound, up to 30 additional sounds can be played. Furthermore, another 30 titles for the WAV-player and 8 comfortably configurable random sounds are (comparable to an MP3 player) as well as possible.

  • The speed of the model is taken from either 1 or 2 motors (analog and mixed mode), or it can be 1 or 2 proportional channels of the receiver (digital mode) used for velocity information.
  • Due to the high number of speed levels (internally up to 255), the driving noise heard during acceleration is really progressive.
  • In digital mode, the sound module can be connected with up to 4 servo patch cables to a standard RC receiver.
  • The single-channel multi-function selection mode (EKMFA) it possible to control almost all functions of the sound module, with only a single proportional channel.
  • Another way to control the functions of the USM-RC-2 is a Nautic mode. This, however (eg. Graupner Nautic-Expert module no 4108, or Robbe Multi-Switch 16 Module No. 8084) is corresponding with the switch in the required transmitter module.
  • The USM-RC-2 can play up to 4 parallel sounds. I.e. in addition to the Drive-/Motorsound, up to 3 additional Extra-/Randomsounds. The soundoutput has a sound quality of 44.1 kHz and 16 bit.
  • The sounds are stored on a micro SD card and can be changed at any time. You will just need a Windows PC with an SD card reader and the software "USM-RC Sound-Teacher-2". You can use this sound module for various types of models and can adapt it  completely to your liking.
  • The firmware of the sound module can be updated wit an update via the micro SD card.
  • A very powerful, dual AF amplifier (2x20W) is located on the sound module and needa for sound output just 1 or 2 speakers to be connected. Another booster is not necessary anymore.
  • On up to 12 switching outputs, for example, LEDs, lamps, relays can be connected for different lighting effects (light, reversing light, brake light, turn signals, hazard lights, machine gun fire, flickering, etc.).
  • Any number of switching outputs and output groups can be divided into a second .Any sequence can now be programmed (eg running lights, flashing lights, anti-collision speed cameras for model aircraft) for these 2 groups.
  • In addition, the sound module also provides a further 1 or 2 servo outputs, to allow different movements to be combined.

  • Supply voltage (Ub): 5 - 14V DC
  • Current: quiescent current: about 90mA
  • Operation (sound): max. 3.0 A
  • Operating (Sound + outputs): max. 6.0 A
  • The power consumption is set by the volume and switched load dependent.
  • Switching Inputs: 5 Pieces
  • LO signal = U <2V
  • HI signal U => 5V
  • Integrated pull-up resistors (4k7 / 10k)
  • Switching outputs: 12 pieces (npn - open collector), max. 1.5 A per output, the total current of all outputs must not exceed 3.0 A
  • Proportional inputs: 4 pieces (1.000 to 2.000 ms)
  • Proportional Outputs: 2 servo outputs (1.000 to 2.000 ms)
  • Voltage inputs speed steps
  • Analog mode: 0 - 14V DC
  • LF amplifier: Max 2x20W (mono)
  • Featured speakers: 4 - 8 ohms
  • Volume controls: Through ext. Potentiometer (100k ohms) and / or remote control possible
  • Memory on the sound data: Micro SD card (1-8 GB)
  • Maximum length of Sounds: 180 minutes per 1 GB
  • Supported sound files: WAV format, 8/16 bit, mono / stereo, 22/44kHz
  • Sound Output: 16 bit, mono, 44kHz
  • Number of possible sounds: 5-steps / transitions (internal accelerated even in up to 255 levels)
  • 8 Transitional sounds between speed steps, or switching sounds between courses
  • Cause noise, Abstellgeräusch, starting noise, sound evidence,
  • Stationary noise, brake noise, reverse noise, curve squeal,
  • Blinker noise
  • 30 additional sounds (e.g. about prop-channels)
  • 30 tracks of WAV player
  • 8 random sounds (random)
  • Random: times between 1 and 250 seconds adjustable
  • Interface: Universal extension interface
  • (Eg for light module SM 16-2-IR or USB data cable K-2)
  • Permissible ambient temperature: 0 - 60 ° C
  • Permissible relative humidity: Max 85%
  • Dimensions: 66 x 44 x 17 mm
  • Weight: 25g

Carton contents:
  • Sound module USM-RC-2
  • User Guide
  • Micro-SD card (4GB) + Adapter
  • 2 power patch cable (30cm) for connection to an RC receiver
  • Flat Cable (40cm) for connection of the switching outputs
  • Fuse Holder + Fuse 6.3 A
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