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RC Cars


The RC car range includes the most varied categories to meet different requirements. Do you want to drive on- or off-road? This is a key factor when it comes to choosing your car. You can choose among the following options:

  • Street cars: ideal on smooth surface tracks, both indoor and on tarmac – ideal for those who want a realistic car and are looking for high speed challenges
  • Drift cars: a relatively young class specialized in drift racing, a sport that has been practiced in Japan for years and has been made popular by some well-known Hollywood movies.
  • Rally car: the champion on dirt and gravel – fit for any racing track; it performs even better in sandy, dusty or wet conditions
  • Motorbike: a racer for smooth surface tracks – for those who love challenges
  • Truck (and multi-function vehicles): highly functional and with a great love to detail, these models are built with scale details and special functions wherever you look.
  • Buggy: built for dirt and gravel, it feels at home on any dirt race track with jumps and tight corners – for those who love stunts, drifting and jumping
  • Truggy: an all-rounder with high center of gravity larger ground clearance than a buggy and good jumping abilities. A truggy will drift through the corner at high speed and there is virtually no terrain where it won’t go
  • Short-course truck: with its extra-wide body, the SCT is a master of wheel-to-wheel duels on rough terrains – a jewel perfect for lovers of trophy trucks and their racing series
  • Monster truck: With its giant wheels and strong suspension the monster truck is exactly what its name suggests. A monster that will take on every obstacle, on- or offroad
  • Rock Crawler (and rock racer): They go, where no other car will go. Ultra-long suspension travel ensures that these specialized cars can crawl through even the most difficult terrain – for those who love climbing on rough grounds


When choosing a RC car, you have many options. Do you prefer an electric motor or combustion gas engine? Among electric motors you can choose between standard brushed or highly efficient brushless motors. Combustion cars use a nitro- methanol mix, while 1:5 and 1:6 scale cars are usually powered by gasoline. You also have more different drive options: a 4WD system ensures perfect grip on all terrains while a 2WD system (usually, rear-wheel drive) delivers higher speeds on straight lines long straights due to less weight, but it is more difficult to drive in corners (which many racers even welcome). Finally, the choice of the right kit is also important. Do you prefer a ready- to-run kit or a kit that allows you to assemble your RC car according to your individual needs, but will cost you more work?


You have unlimited possibilities to pimp**** tune your RC car. Do you want a more powerful motor that delivers higher performances on the racing track? Do you need additional tyres that ensure more grip on different surfaces? Or do you just want to paint your car to give it a fresh new look? All replacement, optional and tuning parts including electric motors, gas engines, radio systems, wheels, rims, shocks, pinions, paint, tools, batteries or ESCs are available in our online store.


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