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RC Planes


RC planes have a special kind of magic one can hardly get enough of. Radio-controlled planes make mankind’s eternal dream of flying come true so it is not surprising that gliders and powered aircraft are so popular. If you are or want to become passionate about plane modeling and model sports, this is the right place for you.


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Regardless of whether you want to glide majestically through the sky or compete at top speeds with a hotliner, prove your ability to do aerobatics or soar through the skies while enjoying a picnic in the park, there’s the right RC aircraft for you and your budget. Visit our online store and you will find the perfect model for you. To give you an overview of the different types of Radio-controlled aircraft we have put together a list of the most common types:

  • FPV planes: These aircraft are equipped with camera and allow pilots on the ground to have a first-person flying experience via FPV Goggles, virtually letting you sit in the cockpit of your RC model.
  • Gliders: Non powered aircraft with big wingspan and low wing loading designed to glide in thermals and wind.
  • Electric gliders: Just like normal gliders but with a brushless motor that can be used to assist on takeoff or when thermal flying is not possible.
  • Scale gliders: Usually, they are perfect replicas of real-life planes with many scale details. They are usually used in aerial towing or can be used on slopes in proper conditions.
  • Hotliners: They can best be defined as highly tuned gliders built for speed and immense climb rates. Some of these electric planes can reach top speeds of 250 km/h and above and are very rugged to withstand extreme maneuvers.
  • Sports and civilian aircraft: They are often realistic replicas of famous airplanes. Depending on the model, they can be used for slow flight to aerobatics.
  • Aerobatic planes: They stand out for their ability to perform challenging maneuvers and aerobatic figures. You can see them tumble at airshows and indoor events.
  • Warbirds: Replicas of military aircraft, usually prop driven and challenging to fly.
  • Jets: Driven by impellers (electric) or turbines (kerosene), these are the very fast replicas of scale jets or jet trainers.
  • UMX, park flyers and shock flyers: These are the smallest aircraft available and are suitable for use in parks and even indoors.


RC aircraft are not necessarily easy to fly. Thus, if you are a beginner, you’d better not take on the most demanding challenges in model sports. For example, anyone who flies their new jet plane with 200 things without flying experience will probably break their model. You should rather venture onto durable RC entry-level models with forgiving features that require no special preparation and are ready for use. The recommended models are RTF (ready- to-fly, i.e. ready for action), BNF (bind- and- fly, the model just needs to be connected to the radio system) and PNP (plug- and-play, the model is ready to fly, but requires a transmitter, a receiver and a battery with a charger). Kits are intended instead for advanced or professional users.

Before you attempt your first flight, please consult an experienced pilot for getting useful information on how to move your first steps successfully and meet the basic requirements for flying.

Under Planes for beginners you will find models that make it as easy as possible for you to get into the world of model sports.


It may happen that a part of a model plane gets broken. If no total loss has occurred, the aircraft can be repaired. In our online store you can find all replacement, tuning and optional parts you’ll ever need to customize your glider or electric glider as you like. You will find batteries, chargers, radio systems, receivers, transmitters, ESCs, servos, trolleys, tow releases, airbrakes, spinners, propellers, cockpit instruments, glue, pilot figures, decal sheets, paragliders and much more.